S$P019 Why do we resist change even when we know it is in our best interest?

The process of change can be uncomfortable and unsettling. Not knowing how things will turn out, oftentimes detour us from changing.

How do we stop the resistance? Why do we resist in the first place? What can we do once we recognize the resistance to move forward with our dreams?

Divine Money Goddess Oracle Cards

Goddess Card 31 – Rich Money Goddess – Spirit Relationship

Channeled Message – I honor myself and my Divine Dreams. The vision I have for myself and humanity is to bring peace and well being to ALL. Without my belief of who I AM, I can never achieve this Dream.

I must honor myself. Honor the God gifts that I hold trusting in the Divinity of who I AM. My desires are important. Connect to yourself. Meditate on you and your desires, your dreams. YOU!

Oneness is created by fulfilling your dreams and taking action. Dispelling all negative thoughts and emotions.

Goddess Card 33 – Divine Money Goddess – Wallet Relationship

Channeled Message – Goddess, you only have yourself through-out your life. Listen to yourself. Trust yourself. Live for yourself. This is how you will heal the world. It is not selfish to think of yourself. It goes against God not to care for yourself.

You are a Divine Being that the world needs and you are responsible to care for the precious gift that you are. Only you can bring to light the Goddess messages you are Divinely meant to bring.

Goddess Card 6 – Financial Freedom Money Goddess – I Am Relationship

Channeled Message – Live your dreams. Your dreams will come true if you listen to yourself. You are meant to have all of life’s offerings. Whatever you want. Live for you and your dream. Open to the possibility that is possible.

You have the power to change your life if you choose to. Listen to yourself and take action. Believe in your dream and trust that it will come true.

Release the negative and toxic beliefs and build new beliefs that support you and your dream.

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Many Blessings

Divinely Yours

Beth Ann

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