S$P023 Manifest a Full and Vibrant Relationship with Money

Our relationship with money is the emotional resonance we have with money. How we respond to money situations is fully dependent on how we feel and what we believe about money.

Our feelings and beliefs elicit an emotional response thereby creating the relationship. Our money relationship and the health of our money relationship determine our financial results. It determines our quality of life, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Money allows us the opportunity to improve and deepen our quality of life emotionally, physical, and spiritually. Money for healers, teachers, artists, books, education, messages, mental health, spa days, healthy food, water, crystals, and paints.

Change your Money Madness to Money Peace of Mind!

Divine Money Goddess Cards

Goddess Card 42 – Divine Masculine – Masculine Relationship

Channeled Message – Create a space for the Divine Masculine. This Pure and Special energy wants only for our protection, love, and growth. To see YOU grow into the Awakened Light Being that you are.

Please forgive the past mistakes and move forward with pure love and acceptance. Clear the roots of our ancestors and start over. Focus on starting over instead of continuing to rehash. Rehashing only makes our divide greater.

Goddess Card 5 – Accounting Money Goddess – I AM Relationship

Channeled Message – Stand up for who you are. BE proud of the love and light contribution you have made in this world. Focus on the light contribution you can make, rather than getting sucked into the drama of the problems.

Don’t be afraid of knowledge. You can learn and master whatever you want. Learning about money doesn’t have to be intimidating. You can create a Dynamic Relationship with Your Money. Keep it simple. Make It, Manage It, Spend It, Track It.

Confidence with your money = Confidence in yourself.

Goddess Card 24 – Worldly Money Goddess – Body Relationship

Channeled Message – What you focus on you create. Do you only see the ugliness in the world? Or do you see light and love? Do you see the BRIGHTNESS in the world?

Claim who you are. It is not egotistical to love and support yourself. Each of us has the full abilities of the universe to create our own peace of heaven. There is no lack, only the darkness of others’ hearts.

Fill your heart with light and sunshine. Breathe into your heart. Be proud of who you are and allow for the growth of you and humanity.

Thank you so much for tuning in!

Money Blessings to You

Beth Ann

Chakra Body Trigger Map

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  1. Carrie Cuff says:

    I loved this! So many good insights. Thank you.

    • AdminDivine says:

      Thank You Carrie. I am so thrilled you enjoyed this episode. Let me know if you want to address on a any particular money topic. I would love to hear your ideas. Blessings Beth Ann

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