S$P024 How to move into the New Year with Confidence and Trust

The most unprecedented year, 2020 behind us, for many, it knocked us to the curb. If anything, it has rocked our confidence the most. The confidence in our government, in our health system, and in our businesses and economy.

Now more than ever we need to redirect our attention away from superficial things like how we look, our weight, the size of our breasts, and the clothes we wear.

These have done nothing but distract us from what is truly important like Friends and Family Connection, Personal Growth, and Divine Expression of Self.

Divine Money Goddess Oracle Cards

Goddess Card 44 – The Divine Ego – I Am Higher Self Relationship

Channeled Message – Stopping the Divineness of You is what is getting in the way. Your mission is to express the light in you out into the world. However, you have been shut down at every turn in your life.

The Divine Ego is centered in self, do not let the self-deprecating judgments stop you from creating. That is why the vibration of your path is to be received as spiritual excitement rather than crippling fear.

Ask yourself is this true about me? What do you feel? You decide what is true for you, not what others say “should” be true for you because they said so. We control our own lives and we control our own truths.

Goddess Card 43 – The Divine I Am – I Am Higher Self Relationship

Channeled Message – My journey in life has a purpose. The moment I am in now has a purpose. Each experience, each job, each relationship, holds a special gift of knowledge, skill, and personal growth and evolution. Honor every moment. Not with regret or disdain, rather with curiosity and excitement for how it is going to be applied to your future.

Not living for getting rich and famous within seconds, rather building a legacy, a career, a contribution to the betterment of humanity. Co-Created with my own will and desires along with the magical energy of the God and Goddess energy.

I Receive Me.

Goddess Card 33 – Divine Money Goddess – Wallet Relationship

Channeled Message – Build trust with yourself. Set your goal simple and clear. Complete that. Focus one at a time. List what you want to complete and create. Rather than wallow in nothingness… CREATE.

Goddess Bundle Holiday Special

Many Blessings I wish for you in the New Year. May you have the courage to go for your dreams.

Much Love to you,

Divinely Yours

Beth Ann

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