S$P018 How to Bring More Confidence into Your Consciousness and Business

One of the best business-building tools is to build your personal confidence. But how do we do that? What do we need to know to add more confidence into the work that we do?

Personal confidence is such a deep and personal issue. We each have different experiences and beliefs taught to us that have been the building blocks of our confidence.

It is time to rewrite those beliefs and experiences so that we can have the Divine Financial Success and life that we truly want for ourselves, our loved ones, and the people we work with.

This podcast is so important to changing our thoughts and our experiences. Join me in creating a Financial Evolution in our lives, families, and communities.

Divine Money Goddess Oracle Cards

Goddess Card 36 – Cashflow Money Goddess – Wallet Relationship

Channeled Message – Goddess, What do you want? Write it down. Map it out. Don’t waste your time on the little things. Your time and energy are the most precious. Speak your truth. You will be Loved and Accepted. Always trust your thoughts and intuition.

Goddess Card 13 – Accounting Money Goddess – Mind Relationship

Channeled Message – My life path is a beautiful experience. The pain was a lesson of learning for you. A Gift! Use these lessons as one to share and teach others. Bring Love to EVERY situation and watch the flowers bloom. Abundance follows Love and Gratitude.

Goddess Card 17 – Divine Money Goddess – Body Relationship

Channeled Message – I choose Love and I choose life. I choose Divine Financial Wealth. You are a Divine Being having a Divine experience. You are the essence of pure love and light. Be that and trust in who you truly are. Find your own truth of who you are.

Question the standard Beliefs!

Question the usual Beliefs!

Be the Divine You. Use your voice and speak your truth. You have a special gift to offer in your business and in your life. You have and will change the lives of others, even if you don’t witness it first hand. Trust in the unlimitedness of you.

Many Blessings to you my friend.

Love to You

Beth Ann

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