Divine Money Goddess Oracle Cards written by Beth Ann McMerrick


Empower your money relationship with the Divine Money Goddess Oracle Cards.

Each set includes 40 Divine Money Goddess Oracle Cards and 4 Bonus Divine Light Oracle Cards written by Beth Ann McMerrick.

All of the information on each of the 5×7 cards includes original Divine Artwork by artist Alyeska Holm.

Illuminate, strengthen, and connect to the Divine within your I AM, Mind, Body, Spirit, and Wallet relationship.

Also included is a 20-page booklet with an outline of the 8 Money Goddesses with chakra and earth element healing activities.

Utah Author – Utah Artist – Utah Printer


Discover, heal, and remove your money blocks that stop and stall your income!

Increase your financial vibration so you can make and
keep more money in your bank account!

Ignite more joy and passion in your life with renewed confidence and positive self-esteem!

Illuminate the feminine side of money through
Universal Wisdom, Nature, Divine Light, and Sensuality.

Connect your Spiritual-Self with your Financial-Self

Connect to the universal elements of earth, sky, body, and bank account, and forever empower your Money Relationship. 

Using these amazing cards will quickly heal, clear, and re-calibrate your financial DNA on multi-dimensional levels. The Divine Money Goddess Oracle Cards are a set of 44 5×7 money mastery cards that awaken the Divine within I AM, Mind, Body, Spirit, and Wallet.

As life is all connected, these 8 enlightened Money Goddesses share their Divine Perspective to balance and clear your relationship with your Divine I Am, Mind, Body, Spirit, and Wallet.

Increase your Financial Success to Increase your Financial Knowledge, Expression, and Courage.

My passion is to assist the artists, healers, teachers, and visionaries in creating a healthy and thriving financial life so they each can create their truest passions in the world and build businesses that will add more healing and light. They can help bring the Peace we want for Our Planet.

I have witnessed so many businesses and families fall apart due to their relationship with money. These cards empower the individual to have the financial life they divinely desire. 

Awaken Your Pure Inner Wisdom

The Money Goddesses empower you to create your Divine Financial Dreams.

Vector Unique Frame Set and Pattern

Each card has all the information on the front and back and includes four money sections and reading them aloud adds a powerful level of vibrational healing.

Money Sections Include:
1. A Divine I AM Intention is on the front. This is where you will start, reading aloud including, all titles. Take a deep clearing breath after reading each section.

2. Scarcity Side starts on the back. This offers a “shadow/opposing side” to the Goddess. This is an observation of a possibility or reality. You will know.

3. Energy Exchange offers a New Money Perspective and education for deeper money understanding as well as re-mapping of your financial experience.

4. Money Action is activities to DO to bring your intentions into your reality by creating a physical action of movement.


Each set includes 40 Money Goddess cards and 4 bonus cards. Each 5×7 card depicts an original hand-painted portrait by a local Utah artist Alyeska Nillson.

Each of the eight Money Goddesses teaches Divine Feminine Wisdom, a New Money Perspective, and Money Actions within the I AM Self, Mind, Body, Spirit, and Wallet.

Both sides of each beautiful card include complete writings that are infused with divine love and money healing energies.

The instructional booklet includes instructions for a 5 Card I AM Money Goddess Spiral layout, the Money Goddess reference guide, and earth element healing activities.

This will lead you to your divinely desired life of pure health, happiness, and joy.

The Money Goddess welcomes you and honor you on your journey of financial transformation.

Money Goddess Card Author

Beth Ann McMerrick has been an Accountant for over 24+ years and on her own Spiritual healing and study for many more. By weaving together Money and Spirituality she has created a truly Unique, Original, and Profoundly Transformational set of Divine Money Goddess Cards. No other divination cards soul’ly address the issues around money in is this New and Powerful way.

Money Goddess Card Artist

The original divine artwork was created by a young Utah artist, Alyeska Nillson. She is a brilliant and charming self taught artist. Her passion to create beauty in the world through her art can be seen in every art piece she creates. She is inspired by nature, music, and spirituality.

As an Indigo child, her free spirit and thoughtful choices truly brought a new light and powerful dimension to each of the Money Goddesses.

I Am truly grateful for her divine contribution to these transformational money cards.

One of my favorite aspects of the cards are the Healing Elements. Each card has an Earth or Chakra element to connect to it. These elements provide further individual healing by using each element in an activity or in meditation. (Air = Fly a Kite. Earth = Plant a Tree.)

Reading the cards aloud gives you an additional vibrational healing element as well; and the Money Action is there to provide actual items to DO to move the cash flow toward the individual.

They are perfect for your customers and your customer’s clients.

How do I read the Money Goddess cards for myself or another?

Five Card Money Goddess Spiral

While shuffling cards, choose the cards that “calls out” to you or you feel “drawn” to and place in the order as shown to the left.

#1 – Center, #2 – Top, #3 – Right, #4 – Bottom, #5 – Left

Read each card aloud completely, including titles: front to back, in the same order #1 to #5. When reading the words aloud a vibrational healing occurs within. Open yourself to receive messages and divine guidance from each card.

Do the Money Action indicated on each card. Connect to the Healing Element and do an activity that involves that healing energy. These will assist in moving and clearing destructive thoughts and blocks.

 Action is the key to getting your desired results!

Vector Unique Frame Set and Pattern

The Divine MONEY


Oracle Cards

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