Soulful Business and Money Mindset Sessions with Beth Ann


In your one-on-one or couples sessions with Beth Ann, we will use the Divine Money Goddess Oracle cards to illuminate your energy patterns, related to money, that keep getting in your way. 



Enjoy confidence in your

self and in your money relationship

Easily receive money for your services in a way that nourishes your body and soul

Have joy and peace in mind, body, spirit, and wallet

Our unconscious money belief systems and scarcity habits make our dedication to our work seem stuck at a lower level than the one we envision in our hearts.  

Do you find that you:

  • Devalue yourself and your ability to receive and earn money?
  • Believe that growing and holding on to your income is hard work?
  • Your needs are the lowest priority on the list?
  • Have a glass ceiling that stops your growth?
  • Feel embarrassed and ashamed of your money management?

I get it, I am right there with you. For so many years I let the fears in my head torment me as I worked to bring to life the Divine Money messages. I feel money is the next level of our spiritual healing.

I witnessed, client after client, get stuck in the shame of their money stories. Most of these stories had to do with beliefs programmed in the ancestral DNA, and what they witnessed growing up.

This is how I created Soulful Money Sessions to:

  • Uncover the archaic beliefs that are waiting to be transformed into ones that support you.
  • Connect Your Divine Spiritual Self to Your Divine Financial Self so that you can restore Your Inner Money Goddess.
  • Identify and release abundance blocks so that you can break through your limits and increase your financial vibration.
  • Ground your Divine Intentions and Creativity so that you can change the projection of your financial future.

I see how much money and wealth desire to support you in your divine mission. I am here to help you clear the money blocks so that you can bless the world.  

In these Soulful Money Sessions, you will receive:

A Divine Money Goddess Oracle Card Reading.
A channeled Chakra Body Map illuminating the energy blocks that stop you from creating the money results you want.
Professional guidance and personalized action steps to empower your money relationship.

Schedule one of the following sessions with Beth Ann McMerrick today:

Divine Connection Soulful Money Session

Individual 1.5-hour session for $295

This beautiful money session gives you the opportunity to tap into the nurturing of our Divine Parents and those that guide and watch us from beyond the veil.

  • Create a channel to your Divine I Am Self and with your Oneness Guides so that you can ground and balance your Divine intentions with the financial life you want.
  • Connect with Divine Mother and Divine Father, who each have a message for you so that you can receive the ethereal guidance they want you to know at this time. We ask what actions can you take to manifest quality results quicker.
  • Learn practical tools and strategies to increase your growth and opportunities for more income.

In this session we connect to your Divine I Am Self to receive a message of your immediate next healing focus. 

  • We answer the questions: What is it that I need to know right now to shift my financial situation? What is my first step?
  • You will receive the most immediate Goddess energy you need to transform fears and doubts into confidence.  
  • We identify scarcity programming and toxic energy in the body energy system and I guide you with actions to release and balance them.  


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  • 2.5 Hour Couples Getting on the Same Money Page Oracle Reading $595.00 – Connect with your partner and learn how to communicate with each other’s money language. Discover how to best support each other to bring about your financial goals.

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