S$P020 When did I shut down my voice?

One of the biggest fears that people have is speaking in public. And it got me thinking, could that fear of public speaking stem from our deeper fear of speaking our mind? Speaking about our opinions, our thoughts and ideas, theories, and feelings.

So when did we first shut down our voice?

This seems to be the logical question considering that we have been doing it for a long, long, long time. What we have witnessed and experienced when we ourselves or someone else speaks up has shown us that it most often leads to unwanted responses and attention.

We will discover the answer to this imperative question and how to release the holds we put on ourselves in this month’s New Moon Divine Money Goddess Reading.

Divine Money Goddess Oracle Cards

Goddess Card 12 – Cash Flow Money Goddess – Mind Relationship

Channeled Message – Trust in the transition. All will be well. Countless NEW opportunities are emerging and we want to move forward. You must choose to move forward. Do you want it? Or do you want to continue the patterns you have been in?

Goddess Card 44 – The Divine Ego – Divine I AM Self Relationship

Channeled Message – Goddess you have been blind to the truth of who you are. There is no accident or wrongness in you. There is only the lessons, growth, and evolution of self to be concerned about.

Goddess Card 27 – Prosperity Money Goddess – Spirit Relationship

Channeled Message – Meditation is a key activity for your financial evolution. Just like breathing or drinking water and eating Divine foods, meditation is a way to nourish your mind and soul.

Write out for you and answer, “When did I shut down my voice?” Journal the details, your pain, and anger. Get the toxic memory and energy out of your system.

There are many many tips in the podcast. Let me know how you are doing.

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Love to you,

Many Blessings

Beth Ann

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