S$P017 Release the Fear of Receiving Money 1.1.2020

Happy New Year 2020

Start your new year with a powerful new relationship with your money. Release the fear of paying and receiving money.

You are a powerful light being who is in control of your life, beliefs, and financial destiny. It takes dedication to yourself and the willingness to be responsible for ALL of you!

In this collective consciousness Divine Money Reading for 2020, we discover the most important things for us to focus on to bring about the financial success we divinely desire.

It is our beliefs and actions that determine our prosperity.

Divine Money Goddess Oracle Cards

Goddess Card 5 – Accounting Money Goddess – I AM Relationship

Channeled Message – I am my word to myself. I have to make my relationship to myself my #1 priority. No one else is going to solve my problems. Only I can do that by listening to myself and taking the action for myself. I am so important to the collective. My gifts are a Divine Source of inspiration for others to heal and grow.

Be your word to yourself! Stop denying your self! Be confident with every money action.

Goddess Card 18 – Phenomenal Money Goddess – Body Relationship

Channeled Message – I am not my body. My body holds the Divine Light Being that I AM. The body holds our ego of self-judgment and worthiness. Let go of the ego body self and let your Divine Light shine for all to see. Clear the closet, clear the junk of things that are not working for you. Release the guilt of items that connect to the junk and unneeded things.

Goddess Card 31 – Rich Money Goddess – Spirit Relationship

Channeled Message – I hold healthy boundaries and energy around me. Clearing the mind clutter and TV clutter that disrupts the energy around us. Take committed action towards our Divine Passions. TURN OFF THE TV. As I heal me, I heal the world around me. Protect yourself from the harmful energy of violent TV, movies, music, and FaceBook posts. You are in control of what comes into your space. Take action to the betterment of you.

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I look forward to working with you in the new year!

I wish you many blessings!

Love and Light

Beth Ann

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