S$P016 Acquire Financial Wealth New Moon Money Reading 8.1.19

Acquire Financial Wealth

To finally realize and obtain that long-desired goal; financial freedom, the perfect soul mate, or the business success.

Sometimes it feels like we have been working on our goals for so long, yet it just quite hasn’t happened yet.

What is the shift that gets to happen?

How can we finally accomplish this BIG Goal?

How do we Acquire Financial Wealth?

Release yourself from the scarcity mindset that has been part of our consciousness and unconsciousness for generations.

If we are willing to take it on. If your willing to make the change and do the action you can make a SUBSTANTIAL PERMANENT transformation.

Evolve to a New Divine Financial Relationship

The New Moons Divine Money Goddess cards include the Accounting Money goddess from the Body perspective and the I Am perspective and The Divine Ego. Each card connects us to the Collective Consciousness and delivers guidance, information, and deep cleaning of toxic generational beliefs.



Release the cycle of Addictive thinking and programming.

Is it Light or is it dark?

Is it Light or is it heavy?

Is it Lifting or is it depressing?

What thinking patterns do you get to release?



New Moon Money Reading Chakra Body Trigger Map


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