S$P003 Increase Your Financial Vibration

Today we will be discussing how you can increase your financial vibration. As you increase your financial vibration, you increase your income as well as the resources and opportunities available to you.

The way the law of attraction is about what creating and attracting what you want in life by visualizing and focusing on what you want that outcome to be. Today we will specifically be talking about your own financial vibration and how to increase it.

In this episode

     How to increase your financial vibration

     The law of attraction

     Determining your financial vibration

     3 concepts related to financial vibrations

     Clearing your home, mind and money clutter

     Expanded and contracted energies

     Limited and unlimited thought processes

     New money habits and actions

     Having your money and spending in balance

     New money actions and habits

     Crappy underwear syndrome

Money shouldn’t be the reason you have a joyful life or not. Our financial vibration is set based on our beliefs, mindset, fears, and actions we take around money. It’s a personal energy you transmit out into the world, which in turn attract customers, employees, etc.

The first step in determining your financial vibration is to determine your average monthly income. Take your total income and divide that by 12. This will tell you your average monthly income.

There are three specific concepts  I want to share with you related to financial vibrations. The first is clearing clutter, adopting a new money attitude and establishing new money actions and habits.

Clutter is everywhere. We have clutter in our home, cars, doors, closets, in our head, in our money. We have it everywhere. I highly recommend you read the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. In your home and in your personal things, take inventory of what you have. If the memories that come to you with that particular item are happy you may want to keep it. If it’s something that causes shame then get rid of it so it’s not unconsciously cluttering up your mind. There’s no point in having things in our lives that don’t serve us.

“Money is a sacred, special, divine source of support for all of us just like our air and our food.”

When you have a clear space, you also have this energy of openness. It creates space for that money to come through and really focusing on those things that are really important to you.

Confidence allows a different level of receptivity.

The next concept is adopting a new money attitude. Allowing yourself to become that observer of yourself. Understanding when you’re making an expanded or contracted choice.

It’s one thing to imagine and visualize, it’s another to take action. It’s important to become okay with spending money on yourself. Celebrate that you took those steps forward. It’s good for you to stretch yourself and consciously caring for yourself. Your needs are important and the universe needs to know you need to be cared for and supported.

The third concepts in creating new money habits and actions. It’s important to evaluate the habits you have around money to balance your spending and raise your financial vibration.

I highly recommend considering and implementing these three concepts to live a healthier, wealthier, and more financially stable life in addition to ultimately raising your financial vibration.


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