S$P002 Find the SOUL in Your Money

This episode revolves around finding SOUL in Your Money. This whole concept in finding the spiritual side of your money comes from the idea that money is the root of all evil.

Money is also a sacred, beautiful energy that is here to support us, just like any other energy that is on our planet. Money is another form of energy that we have a relationship with that we have the ability to conduct and move based on beliefs systems, actions, etc.

Instead of money being the root of all evil, what if money was the root of all divinity?

The first step in finding the soul in your money is looking at how money has supported you. Gratitude is incredibly important. One thing to realize is that money supports everything we have in our lives. The things we make most important in our lives are our homes, food, cars, education, etc. A level of money is always there supporting those things.

“The energy of money is always present in our lives. It’s just how we appreciate it and accept it in our lives.”

You may not have the amount of money you want right this minute. That is because of the financial vibration that has been set for you. Our financial vibration is the amount of money we allow into our lives due to our beliefs about how much money we can receive and manage as well as our general beliefs around money. Lots of variables determine money vibration.

“Money is constantly flowing. It’s a matter of how much we allow in our lives.”

In this episode

  • How to find the soul in your money
  • Steps to discovering the spiritual side of
  • Variables that determine money vibration
  • How money is supporting you in your life
  • The law of attraction
  • Claiming your own identity
  • Making financial investments in yourself
  • Finding my own inner yes

The first step in being supported by your money is to find those moments in your days, weeks and months in which you feel supported by money.

The second step in finding the soul in your money is opportunity. Having money in your life allows you the opportunity for more education. Traveling is also an amazing opportunity. When you have more money, you can travel more.

The third step is unlimited. It’s important to realize you are unlimited and money is unlimited. As you step into the unlimited piece of knowing around money, ideas will start coming to you. Ideas will start coming to you about how you can create that money. You see the opportunity to create the products, knowledge or services you were meant to create.

The fourth step is likability. Do you like and love where your money is going? Loving where your money is growing and how money is supporting you is so important. Love where your money is going and enjoy it. Trust in the process. You are being guided in that way.

I would suggest figuring out how your body will respond to a yes and a no so you can tap into your higher self. First, ask your higher self a question. Feel what the energy feels like for a yes. Feel what the energy feels like for a no.

“You always have to follow the inner yes or that inner no in you and trust in it.”

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