S$P004 Tap into Your Divine Ego to Strengthen the Core You


Today we will be discussing how you can tap into your divine ego to strengthen the core you. I’m so excited to share today’s episode with you as this is one of my favorite topics. We’ll be diving into all things related to the divine ego.  

For this episode, I am going to read the ego card and talk about how we can connect with our divine ego, and best utilize our ego to support the core being of who we are and also strengthen our lives, relationships, and connection to the world.


In this episode

–      Reading of the divine ego card
–      Where self-actualization comes from
–      Divine ego vs. head ego
–      The difference between self-centered and being centered in self
–      The crown chakra
–      Envisioning light within us
–      Truly being yourself in how you create money
–      Fitting yourself into a box you aren’t happy in
–      Accepting your journey and previous financial experiences
–      The law of attraction
–      Weaving together masculine and feminine
–      Honoring yourself at every level of your being
–      Level of confidence = level of vibration


The trick is leading with your heart (divine) ego, in love,  rather than with your head ego, fear, and mistrust. The divine is centered in self instead of self-centered ego. There’s a significant difference between the two. When you are not centered in yourself, in other words self-centered, you do think you are better than everyone else.

One of the widespread beliefs we struggle within our selves is being lovingly proud of who we are and our accomplishments. We sometimes block our ability to speak about how proud we are of our achievements, successes and what we’ve done. In our society, it’s usually frowned upon when you speak highly of themselves.  

I find that when you look at nature, and you look at growth patterns, shapes, forms, etc. there are so many things that happen through nature that we can learn from and learn about ourselves just through studying nature.

Many people tend to have a block in the crown chakra. It’s a part of the path to higher consciousness. We’re blocking who we are and connecting to that higher source. A couple of questions to ask yourself are:

How do you want to live from your heart?
What’s going to make you happy?

“Life doesn’t start until your 50. Your first 50 years are your training ground for what you are going to be doing.”

Many of us are ashamed of our life journey. We think our life journey isn’t good enough. If they can control your beliefs, they can control your money. It’s crucial to start honoring your journey.

Wherever you are in the world, as long as you are expressing yourself from the heart, doing whatever it is that makes you truly happy and fully stepping into yourself, then you will find peace in your journey.

Don’t worry about the journey and don’t be ashamed. Everyone has had a different path. One of the essential things in healing your relationship with money is forgiving yourself for past money mistakes. Accept where you were and allow it to be an opportunity that allows you to grow.

There are so many aspects of being a human that is overwhelming. It’s a challenge to balance ourselves. As you connect more and more to yourself, the more spiritual and amazing experiences can happen.

The more you trust yourself, the more you will get the next step. Trust it, take action and do it. Move forward. Then celebrate that you moved ahead.  I challenge you to do two to three things every day to move forward and go to the next level.




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