S$P011 What do you need to Support You in Your Movement Forward New Moon Money Reading 3.6.19

What is needed to support you in your movement forward? How do you keep the momentum of the new year? Empower your money manifestation by understanding why you stop yourself from success. Stop the self-sabotage and master your belief patterns.

Money Goddess Card #2

Channeled Message:

Don’t fear who you are Goddess. Allow yourself to BE seen. It is safe for you to swing your hips left. And then swing your hips to the right. You are Phenomenal! Open to receive the divinity of you. You are meant to shine Big, Bright, and Beautiful


Money Goddess Card #4


Channeled Message:

If you want to change, You have to change. Fear not my young one, we got your back. You are fully supported. Let us support you! Trust in me. Trust in you. Trust in the support, love, and connection of the divine universal energy.


Money Goddess Card #1

Chakra Body Trigger Map

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