S$P010 New Moon Money Reading 2.4.19

Balance & Honor Feminine and Masculine

I Ask for What I Want 

I Claim who I Am


Divine Connection Money Reading with Beth Ann McMerrick


Connect with our Divine Mother, Divine Father, and our collective Divine I Am Self. What guidance and divine knowledge do they what to share with us?


Goddess card from the Divine Mother Mother Moon – Mother Earth




The downloaded further message: 

Go forward in the power of you, Allow your authentic leadership to shine through. Honor your feminine, women, self as an import part of humanity who has a voice and divine message and vision to share. 

It is safe to be self-confident.

It is saved to be who you are!

You are complete and whole

It is safe to be a leader

Let go of the anger and meditate to your awareness

Let go and just be yourself.

It’s ok to express yourself as your Divine Being.





Goddess card from the Divine Father Father Sun



I ask for what I want – Using Your Voice – Financial Relationship

Show your inner strength. Your Divine light. let your positive light shine as you heal the shadow sides of your life.

This is a natural process of growth and expansion.

Embrace this process and delight in the journey as you watch your powers of abundant creation flourish for you and your clients.




Goddess card from our collective I Am Self




I Claim who I A – All that I Am – Relationship to Self

What would be the worst possible thing to happen if you claim who you are?

What would happen if you didn’t?

Heal your life and realize your dreams simply by using your voice.





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