S$P001 Discover the Spiritual Side of Your Money

This is the first official episode of this podcast, a podcast revolved around creating balance in your life; mind, body, spirit, and wallet. Discovering the spiritual side of your money and yourself is the purpose of this podcast.

This topic is important because we tend to focus on other areas of our lives yet many of us don’t tend to pay attention to the relationship they have with money. My hope is that you will foster a divine relationship with money and finances.

Money is the easiest way to exchange goods and services. The money will always be there so it is important to accept that money will always be here. Through government systems, tax systems, church systems, school systems, and family systems, we have developed certain thoughts and beliefs around money. Many of those being negative and untrue.

“We’ve really turned money as this evil, horrible energy that we can’t be part of. We can’t talk about. We have to have a diet. Budgeting to me is liking being on a strict diet, it does not work. Instead, it’s called having a cash flow plan.”

Today we will be talking about the spiritual side of your money, how to attract money and a bunch of yummy info related to money and creating a life for yourself that you are in love with. Ultimately it’s about finding our true selves and living every day in our heart space, to serve ourselves and those around us.

In this episode

  • How to create money in your life around your soul’s purpose
  • A little bit about Beth Ann McMerrick
  • The purpose of The Spirit of Money Podcast
  • The opportunities money creates
  • How we can create more income for our homes and families
  • Increasing our experiences
  • Being in alignment with your money
  • Creating a flow with your money
  • Oracle cards vs tarot cards
  • Difference between men and women when it comes to money

My childhood growing up has been a tortured, ugly and pain filled experience. The painful part of my life growing up is what really inspired me to work in the spiritual realm. My heart and soul had been shattered through my experiences growing up.

In my years of experience, I have discovered many patterns between people and financial energy. I’ve found that like attracts like. Your financial energy impacts the flow of money and the flow of life.

This means your view, beliefs and thoughts associated with money are extremely important. When you heal your relationship with money you are helping other people heal as well. We want to think about the increase instead of in the decrease. It’s about increasing your experiencing and balancing your expenses.

The thoughts, beliefs, and energy around money differ between men and women.

“There’s a balance of coming to the feminine side of money and then there’s a balance of the masculine side of money. Each has a beautiful contribution to the dance and development of money.”

Masculine and feminine energies are also within each of us as individuals, in our lives, and in our communities. It’s important to honor both feminine and masculine energies.

The path to discovering the spiritual side of your money is to start looking at your life and what gifts have been present at every stage of your life.

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