S$P014 How to be a Millionaire Money Goddess New Moon Money Reading 6.3.19

Are you feel economically disadvantaged? Are you ready to change your financial paradigm?

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, to qualify for a Women-Owned Federal Business Loan a woman needs to be economically disadvantaged. A woman is presumed economically disadvantaged if she has a personal net worth of less than $750,000 (with some exclusions), her adjusted gross yearly income averaged over the three years preceding the certification less than $350,000, and the fair market value of all her assets is less than $6 million.

It is time to claim our Financial Independence and Create our Life on in a New Divine Money Paradigm. Big Profits and Big Divine Impact

So get your Crystals, Bells, and Money Journal… This is going to be Epic!

Do you let yourself receive at a Millionaire level?

These are the Divine Money Goddess that showed up to give us more guidance on what we get to do to Claim our Millionaire status.

Please share your questions, thoughts, and experiences. What was your biggest takeaway? What is your next money action? How can this support your money relationship?

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