S$P022 Why do I take myself for granted? How do I reclaim my value?

Grab your money journal so you can take notes for yourself on where you can do some deeper inner work. Listen to this New Moon Money Reading and get some ideas about areas of your life that are ready to be enlightened and healed.

This will bring you to more Divine Abundance and overall joy in your life.

We are going to get back from other people what we give to ourselves.

What is your body and soul craving for?

It is about healing your heart and soul. Strengthening your connection with yourself.

Divine Money Goddess Cards

Goddess Card 33 – Divine Money Goddess – Wallet Relationship

Channeled Message – Do what you say you are going to do. This means with everyone in your life. This includes children, spouses, bosses, clients, and especially yourself.

Don’t be afraid to say NO. Let go of the overwhelm that is self-imposed by not saying no when you really want to. We worry about being nice, but if we can’t follow thru, we are not nice either.

Forgive yourself and past mistakes. Self-sabotage comes when you overwhelm yourself, and by not listening to you.

What have you been avoiding? Do It!

Goddess Card 6 – Financial Freedom Money Goddess – I Am Relationship

Channeled Message – What does that mean to have it all? Doesn’t that make me a bad person to want it all?

The truth of you is a perfect beautiful being. To have all is to have all you Divinely want out of life. Not just things, but love, relationships, respect, and nurturing care.

Build trust with the world. Start where it was first lost and rebuild from there.

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want and give that to yourself. You cannot expect others to give you what you don’t give to yourself.

Goddess Card 23 – Rich Money Goddess – Body Relationship

Channeled Message – Listen to what your body and soul are craving for. A walk in the park, laying in the sun. A delicious home-cooked meal. Reading a good book. Study time.

Play, Work, Play – Meditate, Exercise, and Study.

This is the time more than ever to listen to yourself and honor who you are. You have an opportunity to create something new and special in our world and this happens as you care and nurture yourself.

Thank you for listening to this Spirit of Money Podcast.

Peace In

Beth Ann

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