S$P007 How to Manifest Your Best 2019 New Moon Money Reading 12.7.18

Channeled Money Message

Goddess, you have a body for a reason. It is what moves your spirit on earth. It is a precious gift to be honored and cherished. Your body-self is always with you supporting your the best it can with how you care for it.


It’s not that hard. Your spirit wants to move into the world and it can’tĀ do it without the movement of your body.


Divine Money Goddess Card

Prosperity Money Goddess Body Perspective

To manifest your best 2019, in the Univeral oracle reading we discover how best to support our body and our financial health through strengthingĀ our physical relationship.

Honor your body as it is, listen to yourselves, and choose supportive language with yourself above all else.



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Here is today Chakra Body Trigger Map

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