Dear Divine Heart-Centered Business Owner, 

This world is crying for Women like you to find the deep VALUE OF SHE within yourself and to create a thriving business in the Power of Your Divine Feminine Energy.

Divine Money University 101- Women, Money, & Divine Business

Written and Taught by Beth Ann McMerrick, a Holistic Financial Mentor and Trusted Accountant Of Accounting Cents Inc and Divine Money Mastery Inc

Now, celebrating 11 years in business, I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners of all financial levels. I have seen a lot.

I have found another way.

Have a loving, grateful, and empowering relationship with money.
Feel the energy of money working for you, rather than against you.
Know your numbers and feel confident to direct your cash flow as you desire.
Trust that money will show up for you and that you can create what you need.

Let’s talk about Women, money, and business:

History has separated women from and disempowered us from our money and our abilities. 

I teach you to release archaic money blocks and to Activate Your Divine Financial Energy. It is time to accelerate women’s knowledge and understanding of money.

We have not been properly educated on the sacred energy of money. Our emotional experiences have been of dread, shame, guilt, and embarrassment. Our money relationships are broken.

I teach the forgotten truths of the Divine Universal Flow of Money and the spiritual principles of Making, Tracking, Spending, and Receiving. It is time to create a new relationship with your wealth.

Women have had to abandon their feminine power, to take on masculine traits to get anywhere in the world. 

I teach you to Awaken Your Pure Divine Wisdom. It is time to restructure and recalibrate the Feminine Entrepreneurial and Feminine Financial Experience.

You are a passionate creative woman, ready to allow success in your business, to feel confident with your money, to make a difference in the dynamic healing of our planet, and to live beyond the boundaries of our current economic system.

Your business and income, in the Power of Your Feminine Energy, is a SONIC BOOM of LIGHT this world needs. 

Benefits of The Course:

** Have your business documents and numbers ready for tax time.

** No fancy software needed.

** 14 Money Mastery Documents-PDF writable and Excel formats.

** A Money Mastery System that can be used year after year. No new purchases are necessary.

** Know what needs to be done in your business monthly, quarterly, and annually.

** Learn to open yourself more to receive. Receive more money, more clients, and more opportunities.

Answers to Business & Money Questions:

** Do I have to file quarterly taxes?

** What taxes do I need to file?

**What do I need to have in order for my business to start legally with the IRS and the state I live in?

** How do I price my products and services?

** How do I know if I am making a profit?

** How do I get paid from my business?

** How do I bring my Divine Feminine energy into the business world?

** How do I know which business idea to choose and really go for?

As an accountant, I work with entrepreneurs and companies, from small single-owned businesses to multi-million dollar corporations, to fix their accounting to get accurate financials.

The cost to fix your books is three to four times more expensive than to just get it done right the first time!

Running a business, is not about your level of intelligence or about how good you are at math. I help alleviate the fear and overwhelm and through a supportive process: 

I guide you step by step to ensure your business has a solid tax and legal foundation that works for your unique business idea.

We build together an Enlightened Accounting System that maximizes tax savings and is simple and empowering for you to use.

As a result you will have a Profit Map Business Plan to that supports the Heart of You.

I see Millionaire Money Goddesses as the new normal, and that means You!

The program includes:

** Divine Money Mastery Kit A Money Management System mailed to your home. Includes 14 Money Mastery Worksheets- ready made forms, instructions, and checklists for you to use year after year as you watch your business thrive and grow.

**A Business Mapping Session – A half-day strategy session with me that includes a Divine Money Reading.

** 10 Online training courses taught by Beth Ann McMerrick: with over eight hours Video and Keynote course curriculum and transcripts and a workbook with each module. Online 24/7 portal access.

** 12 (1 hour) personal coaching calls with Beth Ann via Zoom. Address and clear your money blocks and concerns with coaching from Beth Ann. Receive New Money Energy Mindset skills and tools.

**A set of Divine Money Goddess Oracle Cards written by Beth Ann, mailed to you. Illuminate the Feminine side of money through Passionate Wisdom, Mother Nature, Life Force Energy, and Divine Sensuality.  Value $43.21.

** Accountability and Support on Your Divine Money Journey.

Curriculum Includes:

Module 1: Tune Up Your Financial Vibration

  • BE Financially Successful
  • Manifest with Your Chakras
  • Start Daily Money Gratitude and Tracking
  • Experience Money BE-Leaf Transformation
  • Start Money Celebrations
  • Coaching Call

Module 2: Create your business with passion and vision.

  • Create a Business with Passion
  • Name Your Business
  • Proclaim Your Divine Money Vision
  • Create Your Personal and Business Goals
  • Coaching Call

Module 3:  Build or restructure your business on a solid legal and tax foundation.

  • Choose a Legal Entity Structure
  • Use the New Business Checklist to form Your Business and understand Basic Tax Requirements
  • Set-up Your Corporate Binder with Your Business and Personal Details
  • Know About the 101 Usual Business Expenses
  • Coaching Call

Module 4: Your new relationship with money.

  • Choose Easy, Supportive, and Enlightening Accounting
  • Set your Divine Money Date 
  • Create a Simple Organization System
  • Schedule your Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Money To-Do Checklist
  • Coaching Call

Work Week 1 – Coaching Call

Module 5: Profit Plan Map – Money Tracking and Recording

  • List your Monthly Payments 
  • List your Current Products and Prices (for existing businesses)
  • Record your Monthly Business Cash Flow
  • Choose your Document Management System 
  • Coaching Call

Module 6: Cash Flow Plan

  • Create a River of Cash Mindset
  • Set up your Business Cash Flow Plan aka Budget made better
  • Set up your Personal Cash Flow Plan
  • Coaching Call

Module 7: Capitalize on Profit and Maximize Deductions 

  • Understand some Tricky Business Expenses
  • Choose an Accounting Method for reporting to the IRS that works best for You
  • Know Your Business Tax Filing Requirements
  • Create Your Accounting Cycle To Do’s
  • Coaching Call

Module 8: Heart-Centered Money Making Ideas

  • Align with Your Divine Purpose
  • Capture Your Money Making Ideas 
  • Collect Your Money Making Idea Details
  • Coaching Call

Work Week 2 – Coaching Call

Module 9: Product Profit Plan and Development

  • Create Your Product Profit Plan
  • Value and Price Your Products and Services
  • Coaching Call

Module 10: From Start to Finish

  • Money Goddess Oracle Cards from idea to the final product
  • Profitable Money Conversations
  • Coaching Call

Women, Money, and Divine Business program value: $10,000.00. Investment $3,500.00

Options for a 3 month weekly program or 6 month bi-weekly program. 

Now more than ever, it is time for entrepreneurs, lightworkers, empaths, artists, spiritualists, and holistic practitioners with financial confidence to open a channel for receiving wealth and success in mind, body, spirit, and wallet.  

Create a Business and Financial System with your Powerful Feminine Energy that Supports the Heart of You.

Beth Ann McMerrick is a Holistic Financial Mentor, Money Goddess, International Speaker, Author, and Trusted Accountant. 

She is the Founder and CEO of Divine Money Mastery Inc. and Accounting Cents Inc. celebrating over eight years in business and the author of the Divine Money Goddess Oracle Cards.

Beth Ann specializes in creating and building solid financial foundations, combining spirituality and business sense. Your financial foundation includes mathematical tools, personal financial beliefs, balanced cash flow, and continued forward movement.

In creating your financial foundation, Beth Ann uses a balance of practical money principals and proven accounting tools. She also provides tools and systems to assist individuals to:

Sharpen their financial skills and knowledge.

Increase confidence relating to money decisions and conversations.

Remove doubt, guilt, and fear around money and money activities.

Create a simple money management system that is both profitable and clear.

Beth Ann’s accounting experience includes working in several industries, including those engaged with coaching, health and wellness, retail sales, tax returns, and construction. The companies have ranged from small, single-person to multi-million dollar corporations.

She has also served in many business supervisory and management positions and has experience as a corporate controller and financial auditor.

Limitation of Liability Statement

Beth Ann McMerrick, Divine Money Mastery, Inc. and Accounting Cents Inc. as a whole is not licensed as a CPA. Under no circumstance does Beth Ann McMerrick claim that she is a Certified Public Accountant. All executive accounting decisions are the sole authority of the purchaser. The purchaser is responsible for his/her own decisions, actions, and results as it pertains to the training and suggestions given in this course. As each individual has specific financial situations, it is advised to consult a professional CPA, Accountant, and Lawyer regarding any personal specific business questions or concerns.

Divine Money University is not an accredited University. This content is blessed by Divine and a lifetime of my accounting and management experience, education, and training.

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