Phenomenal Money Goddess – Spirit

Phenomenal Money Goddess – Spirit Part 1 – Know the beauty of your light that shines through you. See that light and honor that light. This opens you to receive in business and life. Know that you are phenomenal however you are- the shape, size, color, creed, pimple or no pimple, mole or no mole, gaps or no gaps. Your beauty is from your light that you bring into the world and through your inspiration, through your wisdom, through the love that you share into the world. That is what true beauty is. That is what true beauty is and that is what will last forever.

Phenomenal Money Goddess – Spirit – Part 2. Stop killing your ideas. Your ideas come from your Spirit Light that is guiding you to your greatest abundance. Build your confidence and see the intrinsic beauty in your own individual journey, your unique signature, and your own voice that gets to be heard. You will have the support and tools to create what is yours to give the world from your heart passion.

Phenomenal Money Goddess – Spirit – Part 3 – Trust in who you are and know the answers will come to you to protect and serve you and humanity. The spiritual study of money goes to the root causes of our pain and frustrations. We each have a vibration that is based on our own belief systems and values. Our vibration goes out to the world and brings back to us experiences and results equal to our vibration.

Phenomenal Money Goddess – Spirit – Part 4. Trust in the Divine Spiritual Self and BE Confident! Trust in that crazy idea you have. Trust that you are perfect and worthy for everything that you are wanting. You will be supported, cared for, and have an understanding of what to do next. Listen for the action steps that want to come through and take them. Create something magical, create the life that you want, manifest the money, the lifestyle, the education, the knowledge, the skills, the service, and the love; manifest it the way you want.

The Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine – Part 1 – I Grant and Admire the Feminine qualities within me. When we are loving the feminine part of us and tap into this feminine energy; there is so much more than what we can do.

The Divine Feminine – Part 2 – The Divine Feminine expressed in the Divine Mother, The Divine Female.

The Divine Feminine -Part 3 – She shines her smile out over the world. Show people the love that is within you. When smiling, send that energy of love and compassion. A love vibration in your energy, in your work, or in your business opens up your heart and energy and attracts what you want to you.

The Divine Feminine Part 4 – Heal your Mother Relationship to Heal Your Money Relationship. Some of us have more to heal in our relationship with our mother. However it is necessary to do so. When you hold resentment and anger in your body, it becomes a block and it stops the flow of Divine Light and Divine Energy coming to you. Let Divine Mother assist you.

The Divine Ego

The Divine Ego – Part 1 – I Am Lovingly Proud of My Accomplishments. I Am Enough
I Am Enough. The Divine Ego teaches us that we are already a Divine Spark of God. There is nothing more we need to do, to reach, or to achieve to be worthy of the love and gratitude of the Universe. “I Am lovingly proud of my accomplishments”.

Divine Ego Part 2- Master the Love for Yourself and Increase your Financial Success. The Divine Ego is Centered in Self rather than self-centered ego. The Divine Creation of Life, the Spark of God that you are is who You Are. By the complete and total acceptance of love and gratitude for yourself and your life path, you will open a space to allow your Spirit Self to embody your Human Self. Creating Heaven on Earth.

The Divine Ego, Part 3 – Confidently take action with your next step forward. Fear calls us to face it. Our head ego wants us to shrink back. Heart Ego says, “yes, go there.” For it knows your work with the fear can lead you forward to expansion. Expand past the fear to create what you want.

Divine Ego – Part 4 – Co-Created with the Universe, my life journey is made up of Choices and Contrast from which I Learn and Grow. I AM honored to be ONE of the collective whole.
Knowing the meaning of my pain brings balance and peace to my heart and soul. With this understanding, I recognize the pain and the love that made me who I AM. I am so honored to be me and to have the mindset and heart that I now have.

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