Unveil Your Inner Money Goddess

Activate Your Divine Feminine Financial Wisdom

and Build Your Business in the

Sacred Energy of the Divine Woman.

Money Goddess Evolution

Divine Feminine Business Coaching

The Divine Money Goddess lives within you. A Divine passionate creative woman desiring to make a difference in the dynamic healing of our planet and to live beyond the boundaries of our current economic system by owning her own business.

Problem is, that we have only built business through the lens of men. Women have not even been part of the conversation and because of that, we have not tapped into some of the most amazing information available to us.

The masculine patriarchal energy and beliefs, values, and ambitions have dominated the business, financial, and socioeconomic ideology on how to build, grow, and manage a business and money. Women have tried to adopt this energy and belief system to build a business.

Women have been creating counterintuitive to our nature and our value has been measured by our biological clock.

This has created toxic feminine beliefs that have kept women wounded, suppressed, and constantly undervaluing themselves. Women have been disconnected from their true creative essence, drained by our constant giving, and unsure of how to manage the “Big Dream” they have next to being the perfect wife, mother, etc.

I am here to tell you your Big Dream, your business, is the SONIC BOOM of LIGHT this world is waiting for. Your Divine Gifts are ready to be UNVEILED to create the love and healing this planet so desperately needs.

You and Your Divine Businesses are the answer and money wants to be a Sacred Support Energy for you. Your money mindsets and actions are the keys to how much Sacred Money Energy you receive.

Hello Goddess,

I am Beth Ann McMerrick your Spiritual Accountant and Money Energy Healer. I am here to invite you on a journey of Feminine Financial Empowerment and Divine Financial Wealth.

As a Professional Accountant of 22+ years, I provide step-by-step guidance and a Spiritual Money Mindset to build your business on a solid legal and tax foundation, with a financial money management system that is empowering, and a product profit plan that creates fulfilling income!

My businesses (Accounting Cents Inc. 2009, and Divine Money Mastery Inc. 2012) are the culmination of my professional work as an accountant, my own soul healing journey, and my own personal spiritual healing journey.

I started my own financial journey as a teenage single mother on welfare, raised 2 children on my own for 30 years, and built a home and successful heart-fulfilling accounting business. I had to reconstruct my own mindset about the value of being a woman in business. I spent many years before being mad that I was a woman and felt I had been cheated out of opportunities in life because I was a woman.

All of which, led me to write the Divine Money Goddess Oracle Cards. In writing these cards, I connected with the Divine Mother and the Eight Money Goddesses.

I am here to empower women, like you, to realize and claim your Divine Financial Value in Mind, Body, Spirit, and Wallet.

Beth Ann McMerrick

Throughout history, women have been separated from money. It has been less than 50 years (in the United States) since women were even allowed to have their own bank accounts. Even though a lot has changed, I still see the patterns of the Archaic Money Beliefs that limit us.

Women have also abandoned their Feminine Power, gifts, and voice by taking on toxic masculine traits to get anywhere in the world, especially in business. 

I invite you to bring balance within yourself through the expression of Your Divine Business utilizing the energy and support of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

This world is crying for YOU to find the deep POWER OF SHE within and to create a thriving business in the Value of Your Divine Feminine Energy.

Is it time for you to release yourself from the archaic beliefs and patterns about being a woman around money and success?

Is it time for you to reclaim your true Divine Feminine Creative Goddess Self?

Are you ready to be in a divine relationship with your money?

“Working with Beth Ann changed my life and how I operate in the world. This is a lofty statement, but I have the evidence to back it up. I chose to work with Beth Ann because I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I had an idea, and a mission, but I just never had the courage to follow through. Beth Ann helped me explore the beliefs that were holding me back. She assisted me in examining and changing my beliefs about money, and profits, valuing myself and my expertise, and what it means to be a woman in business. I worked through the steps of starting a new business with ease.

Each lesson provided the information and built the confidence I needed to bring my dreams to fruition. The professionals I dealt with, from bankers to web designers commented on how well prepared I was compared to most entrepreneurs. Beth Ann’s gifts and expertise come together to create one of the best mentors I have had the pleasure of working with. Make this investment in yourself, you will be surprised at the results.”
Gail Suiter – Creator of unsuitable advice


Introducing: Money Goddess Evolution

Divine Feminine Business Coaching

2 Soulful Empowered Years of Money Healing, Clearing, and Recalibrating. 3 Levels of Divine Feminine Business and Money Coaching

Activate a supported soulful journey of inspiration and empowerment in your own money-healing journey. shift the Feminine Consciousness to one of wholeness, value, and purpose.

3 – 5 hr Virtual VIP Days

90-minute LIVE Weekly Divine Feminine Business and Money Mindset Coaching

Monthly Money Goddess Oracle Reading

As a collective of women, what do we get to focus on to bring forward the healing, awareness, and actions we need to embody the Divine Energy we desire to activate? The Divine Money Goddesses will guide us to where we get to focus our mind, body, spirit, or wallet.

With passionate wisdom, mother nature, life-giving energy, and Divine intention Beth Ann will connect with the Divine Feminine Energy the Divine Masculine Energy, and the Collective I Am for our money mindset guidance of the month.

Quarterly and Current Business Accounting Cycle Training with Q&A 

Understand the flow of the quarterly business calendar as we walk through the year together. Be prepared for tax deadlines and the current needs of your business with time for Q&A with Beth Ann.

Spiritual Money Mindset Attunement

Harmonize your new Divine Money Energy Frequencies by utilizing your chakras to reprogram toxic feminine beliefs, and connect to enlightened perspectives and concepts.

Each month we will focus on 1 of the 4 Money Relationship Areas that include: Your Relationship with how you MAKE MONEY, SPEND MONEY, TRACK MONEY, and MANAGE MONEY.

Divine Money University 101 – The Fundamentals of Accounting for Your Business

A Home and Business Money Management System and Profit to Cash Flow Training 

This is a 16-week Online Money Mastery Program written and created by Beth Ann McMerrick for you, the entrepreneur, and aspiring entrepreneurs, who want more time for life and a money relationship that provides financial independence and business profit for your peace of mind.

The goal of DMU is to provide you with the essential accounting skills and tools necessary to manage and clarify your business money responsibilities. This beautifully created Business Financial System allows for and weaves together Your Divine Creative Energy and Your Divine Financial Wisdom.

Learn how to Direct Your Financial Business Money in a way that supports and reflects your heart and soul. Create profit by accurately knowing how to price your products, events, and services. Breath with ease at tax time knowing that you are prepared for what needs to be done when it needs to be done, and how and what numbers to have ready for your tax professional.

I walk you step-by-step to set up your business tax and legal foundation that fits your ideas, create your business financial management system that saves you time and costly mistakes, and use the Product Profit Plan that turns your products and services into profit. 

Divine Money University 101 curriculum includes:

Module 1: Weeks 1,2,& 3: Awareness and Clarity for You and Your Business

Create your business tax and legal foundation in your feminine financial wisdom and energy. 

Use the New Business Checklist to make critical legal and tax decisions (i.e. To LLC or not to LLC, how to pay yourself, legal entities, and more).

Understand all things TAXES: what to file, how to save, what and when to pay, what can you write off, and how to ditch the fear of the IRS coming after you and have peaceful sleep at night. 

Module 2: Weeks 4,5,& 6: New Action for New Results and Uplevel Your Money Confidence

Know what to do daily, weekly, monthly, and annually to eliminate confusion and simplify the process of running a business.

Create a money management system that has you ready for anything including tax time. 

Organize a paperwork system that works for you.

Module 3: Weeks 7,8,9,& 10: Create a Space for Money and Allow Your Self to Receive Financially

Create a Product Profit Plan and Growth Strategy for your products and services.

Create a clear strategy to market your ideas. 

Work with your money intentions to support your business and life plan.

Module 4: Weeks 11, 12, & 13: Have a Money Management System that Flows with You and Brings Trust in Your Money Relationship

Create the most powerful, livable, limitless cash flow plan for you and your business.

Learn money-healing practices that raise your confidence and create profitable money conversations. 

Create a workable plan to release debt and build savings.

​​Module 5: Weeks 14, 15, & 16: Receive, Ground, and Embody Your Sacred Intentions Every Day for Maximum Returns and Fulfillment

Learn how to pay yourself in your business. 

Understand specific requirements to meet state and federal qualified deductions and corporate responsibilities. 

Live the lifestyle you want and BE financially prepared for your future.

Money Goddess Coaching Benefits

48 90Minute Live Weekly Group Sessions with Beth Ann McMerrick

Join live on Zoom or on Facebook. Recordings and recorded Collective Money Goddess Oracle Readings, Q&A sessions, Quarterly business training, and Professional Accounting support and coaching. That’s 4 90minute Live Sessions per month with Beth Ann McMerrick.

Money Mastery Kit: A Home and Business Money Management and Manifestation System

Step-by-step guidance and LIFETIME access to Divine Money University 101

Over 80 Online Training Sessions on money management tools, soul healing and wealth mindset training, and time and money-saving clarity strategies to grow your Soulful and Profitable Business. Packaged together in online videos and keynote sessions, with 16 downloadable workbooks, transcripts, and 21 ready-made Money Mastery worksheets.

Executive Online Portal

Receive support, encouragement, and connection with Beth Ann and join a circle of like-minded women. Together we are excited to grow and be inspired by women in the Divine Feminine Energy. Bringing back a New Balance Within and Divine Money Health.

Members-Only Savings 

Bonuses, Savings, and Experiences are available including Individual or Couples Money Oracle Readings with Beth Ann, Business Accounting Consults, and other Divine Money Goddess training. 

Money Mastery Kit: Your Money Vortex System to Financial Manifestation

Your Money Mastery Kit is mailed to your home and includes 21 beautifully designed DMU Money Mastery Documents – ready-made worksheets, forms, and checklists for you to use year after year as you watch your business thrive and grow.

You will receive a three-ring binder that includes information and Money Mastery Worksheets to set up a simple financial document management system, as well as tracking, forecasting, and planning for your home and business. 

Your Money Mastery Kit includes 9 Sections: Saving and Investing, Cash Flow Tracking, Accounts Payable (A/P), Products and Pricing, Business and Personal Details, Money Date Activities, Assets and Accounts Receivable (A/R), Debt Release, and Money Belief Transformation Each section is a space to hold all of your financial data and information. Your goals, visions, and working paperwork can be in one place for easy access.

You will receive each form either as a downloadable PDF, a Writable PDF, or an Excel version. You can utilize these forms year after year and you don’t need any special software.

Divine Money Goddess Oracle Cards

This set of 44, 5×7 cards, shares the Divine Feminine Wisdom of Eight Money Goddesses who illuminates and teaches the Sacred Energy of the Divine Woman. With Passionate Wisdom, Mother Nature, Life Force Energy, and Divine Sensuality you discover a New Relationship with Yourself and Money – Mind, Body, Spirit, and Wallet. Each set includes a 20-page reference guide with chakra and earth element healing activities.

My clients say: 

“I am finally able to connect to the accounting part of my business. There was a disconnection coding I had inside that literally kept me from my paperwork. I felt the disconnection was so dangerous, leaving me open to fraud and being taken advantage of.”

“My husband told me this is the best money we have ever spent. It has changed me and our family. He sees that I am more joyful and free.”

“I have not had to use money from my savings for 4 months now. I have not been overspending. I feel like when I am not connected to myself, then I overspend.”

“For the first time, I feel it is possible to do what I want. I see it more clearly than ever before. My self-doubt has been removed.”  

“The person at the bank told me that I was the most prepared business owner she has ever seen who has come in.” 

It is my greatest honor to invite you to a new experience with money, new empowerment in your business, and a deeper connection to your core self and divine purpose. 

Your divine wealth is waiting to support the life you want to lead and the people and causes that are important to you.

This is for you if: 

You want to start your own business or are within the first 5 years of starting your business. 

You crave the independence and freedom of owning your own business where you use your unique gifts and energy to create products and services that light you up.

You are ready to make your relationship with money a priority in a safe supportive circle of women. 

You want to empower yourself with a new consciousness around money and learn the skills and responsibilities of running a business.

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