Start Your Divine Business


A Divine Money University Course

Do you want to create a business? Wonderful!

We need your gifts and talents in the world. You have the opportunity through your Divine Business to transform millions of lives. Don’t let fear and confusion around legal structures, business taxes, and money management get in the way.

I am here to guide you in the set up so that you can create a successful and sustainable business where your creativity and impact can flourish.

Create a beautiful foundation for your business from the spiritual side, from your vision side, and also the legal side.

This course includes Money Mastery Education Sheets, Divine Money Mastery Worksheets with Instructions, Video, and KeyNote Transcripts, and 24/7 hour Lifetime access.


What makes this course unique is that I teach you to align with your Unique Authentic Expression and is what you are meant to bring into the world.

With your heart and soul in your business, you stand out, money-making becomes fun and exciting, and your Financial Vibration raises. 

Statistics from U.S Small Business Administration say that 50% of small businesses close after 5 years, and around 80% in the first year. I teach you to create balance and possibilities for success financially and spiritually from the start and beyond those first five years. 

Start Your Divine Business provides step-by-step information on business formation, critical accounting decisions, and tax and business compliance on the State and Federal levels.


Course Outline:

Session 1: Create a Business with Passion, Vision, and Goals 

Create your business from your divine passions and purpose, an important strategy for the financial success of your business.

  • Write Your Business Plan 
  • Name Your Business
  • Proclaim Your Divine Money Vision
  • Create Your Personal and Business Goals

Session 2: New Business Checklist  

Learn what gets to be set up in your business for State and Federal tax purposes. Enjoy peace of mind that you’ve covered everything to start up a business.

  • Choose a Legal Entity Structure
  • Use the New Business Checklist to form Your Business
  • Set-up Your Corporate Binder

Session 3: The Details

Collect and record important information about yourself and your business that will save you time. Ground your business into the earth realm and claim your space. 

  • My Personal Details
  • My Business Details

Invest in your success and the knowledge you need so that you can make informed decisions that will work best for you and your business. 

“Beth Ann understands what small business owners go through and the many things that go through our heads. If you are just starting in business, not sure where to start, or feel intimidated, sign up! It is well worth the investment, and to sleep sounder at night.”
-Jenn Chisholm, Systems Visionary



Beth Ann McMerrick is an Accountant and Holistic Financial Mentor who brings together finances and spirituality. With 25 years of Business, she helps her clients ditch the guilt and shame of past money choices and create a healthier relationship with money. She teaches a step-by-step Enlightened Money Management Accounting System that takes the stress out of tax time. Business owners report that they actually feel excited to interact with their financials after working with Beth Ann.



Divine Money Mastery, Inc. and Accounting Cents Inc. as a whole is not licensed as a CPA. Under no circumstance does Beth Ann McMerrick claim that she is a Certified Public Accountant. All executive business and accounting decisions are the sole authority of the purchaser. The purchaser is responsible for his/her own decisions, actions, and results as it pertains to the training and suggestions given in this course. As each individual has specific financial situations, it is advised to also consult a professional CPA, Accountant, and Lawyer regarding any personal specific business questions or concerns.

Divine Money University is not an accredited University.