Goddess Bundle – Cards & 1hr Money Energy Healing Session


The Goddess Bundle includes a set of The Divine Money Goddess Oracle Cards, and A Divine Money Reading with Beth Ann McMerrick, A Divine Money Energy Healer.   

Take your money relationship to the next level.

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Illuminate the Feminine Side of Money in You with Passionate Wisdom, Mother Nature, Life Force Energy, and Divine Sensuality.

The Divine Money Goddess Oracle Cards include:

40 Divine Money Goddess Oracle Cards and 4 Bonus Divine Light Oracle Cards written by Beth Ann McMerrick. Each 5×7 card depicts an original hand-painted portrait by artist Alyeska Nillson.

Each of the Goddesses has a Personal Relationship Center that you are being invited to strengthen and heal. There is Mind, Body, Spirit, Wallet, or I Am Relationship to Self.

The Eight Money Goddesses teach Divine Feminine Wisdom, a New Money Perspective, and Money Actions.

A 20-page instructional booklet includes directions for a 5 Card I AM Money Goddess Spiral layout, with chakra and earth element healing activities.

Using these Amazing cards will quickly
Heal, Clear, and ReCalibrate your
Financial DNA on Multi-Dimensional Levels.

The Divine Money Reading

In your Divine Money Reading, you will receive intuitive, channeled messages. You will also learn specific steps to take to heal your money relationship, increase your financial vibration, and attract more money, clients, and opportunities in your life.

In our session, as you read the Money Goddess card you pulled, with your permission, I connect to you energetically and map out the money blocks stored in the body and what triggers them.

I create a Money Trigger Map which gives you deeper and more direct insight into the beliefs that are stopping your cash flow and flat-lining your profits.

You will learn exactly where to start and what you can do to change your money reality.

You will receive:

  • A 1 hr Divine Money Goddess Oracle Card Reading with Beth Ann McMerrick.
  • A channeled Chakra Body Map illuminates the energy blocks that stop you from creating the money results you want.
  • Professional guidance and personalized action steps to empower your money relationship.

Awaken the Divine within Mind, Body, Spirit, and Wallet

PURCHASE HERE: CLICK HERE. You will be taken to Calendly to securely schedule your session and purchase your cards.

“I’m still unwinding old patterns, moving energy, learning and growing from our time a couple of weeks ago! SO powerful!
For any of you who are thinking of working with Beth Ann and her amazing offer, I recommend you JUMP IN!”  ~ Carla Davis



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