Divine Spiral ~ Money Goddess Oracle Reading 2 1/2 Hour


Divine Spiral Money Goddess Oracle Reading with Beth Ann McMerrick via Zoom, Phone, or In Person.

2.5 Hour

Intuitive Money Reading and Energy Healing with Beth Ann and the Money Goddess Oracle Cards.

In this very special Oracle reading, Beth Ann is able to connect to your energetic blocks held within. Throughout the reading, she identifies their locations in your body and what is triggering them.

These blocks can then be cleared and transmuted, creating a more Peaceful Money Relationship for you.

Allow the Money Goddesses to lead you on an enlightened journey of Self Discovery, Money Empowerment, and Divine Attunement.

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 Divine Spiral  Money Goddess Oracle Reading and Money Energy Healing Session with Beth Ann McMerrick and the Divine Money Goddess Oracle Cards.

We each have 5 major relationships within ourselves: our relationship with our I Am self, Mind, Body, Spirit, and Wallet. When these relationships are out of balance, we generally feel stuck and seem to create the same unwanted results.

In your Oracle Money Reading you will receive intuitive and channeled messages to assist you personally in balancing and strengthening these relationships within yourself.

As you read the Money Goddess cards aloud, Beth Ann, with your permission, connects to you energetically and maps out where your money blocks are and what triggers them. 

This Money Trigger Map gives you a deeper and more direct insight into what beliefs are stopping you from creating the money results you truly want.

What is stopping the money from being and staying in your bank account?

As it is all connected Mind, Body, Spirit, and Wallet, you will learn exactly where to start.

In Your Divine Money Reading you will also receive personalized Money Actions for you to change your financial life forever. You will receive Spiritual Earth Elements to connect to for an even deeper healing of your Money Relationship.

The Divine Money Goddess leads you on a journey of
self-discovery and Money Empowerment.


It EMPOWERS you to live and work in


MASTER the secrets and mysteries of the UNIVERSAL FLOW of Money.”

To purchase and schedule your money reading, please use the following link Schedule

Make the Most of your Money Reading

To get the most powerful experience with your phone/skype Money Reading, I would suggest you have your own set of Money Goddess Oracle Cards. This will give you the opportunity to study your Money Messages more deeply. 


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