Business Start Bundle an Online Course


A Divine Money University Course

When starting your business it is extremely important to understand the financial side of your business. This course supports you in the key financial areas of your business.

You will learn the Top 3 Financial needs of every business.

  1. Legal formation and tax responsibilities
  2. Tracking financial transactions
  3. Making a profit

This course includes Money Mastery Education Sheets, Divine Money Mastery Worksheets with Instructions, Video, and KeyNote Transcripts, and 24/7 hour Lifetime access.


As a forensic accountant, my clients paid three times more to have their accounting books fixed. The bookkeeping can always be fixed, but the loss of time and loss of profit can never be fixed.

The Business Start Bundle includes the 3 most requested Divine Money University Courses

Start Your Divine Business

Divine Accounting for Your Business

Product, Pricing, and Divine Profit


“Fear, dread, guilt, and inept. Those are the things I felt about business accounting and finances before I knew Beth Ann. I left feeling reassured, armed and ready to tackle a problem that had been haunting me for over a year. She understands what small business owners go through and explains things in bite-sized pieces.” 

-Jenn Chisholm, Systems Visionary




Beth Ann McMerrick is an Accountant and Holistic Financial Mentor who brings together finances and spirituality. With 25 years of Business, she helps her clients ditch the guilt and shame of past money choices and create a healthier relationship with money. She teaches a step-by-step Enlightened Money Management Accounting System that takes the stress out of tax time. Business owners report that they actually feel excited to interact with their financials after working with Beth Ann.



Divine Money Mastery, Inc. and Accounting Cents Inc. as a whole is not licensed as a CPA. Under no circumstance does Beth Ann McMerrick claim that she is a Certified Public Accountant. All executive business and accounting decisions are the sole authority of the purchaser. The purchaser is responsible for his/her own decisions, actions, and results as it pertains to the training and suggestions given in this course. As each individual has specific financial situations, it is advised to also consult a professional CPA, Accountant, and Lawyer regarding any personal specific business questions or concerns.

Divine Money University is not an accredited University.