S$P023 Manifest a Full and Vibrant Relationship with Money

Our relationship with money is the emotional resonance we have with money. How we respond to money situations is fully dependent on how we feel and what we believe about money. Our feelings and beliefs elicit an emotional response thereby … Continue reading

S$P022 Why do I take myself for granted? How do I reclaim my value?

Grab your money journal so you can take notes for yourself on where you can do some deeper inner work. Listen to this New Moon Money Reading and get some ideas about areas of your life that are ready to … Continue reading

S$P021 What makes me stay in fear & How to get out of it?

Fear is an emotion we all know very well. It is the emotion that can sometimes run rampant in our minds and cause us to do all sorts of crazy things. Although we might have done tons of work on … Continue reading

S$P020 When did I shut down my voice?

One of the biggest fears that people have is speaking in public. And it got me thinking, could that fear of public speaking stem from our deeper fear of speaking our mind? Speaking about our opinions, our thoughts and ideas, … Continue reading

S$P019 Why do we resist change even when we know it is in our best interest?

The process of change can be uncomfortable and unsettling. Not knowing how things will turn out, oftentimes detour us from changing. How do we stop the resistance? Why do we resist in the first place? What can we do once … Continue reading