Penny Points… EVERY Penny Counts!!!

 If pennies were points
I would want them in my favor!!!


Did you know that the NBA championships or the NFL playoffs are won by only 1 point? That is all they have to have over the other team to win millions of dollars, to win glory and fame… ONE POINT!!!

Do you know what the difference is between a 15% tax bracket and a 25% tax bracket? That’s Right… ONE PENNY… one little penny can save you hundreds of dollars in taxes.

That is why I know the EVERY PENNY counts, especially in your business. I have seen companies lose hundreds of dollars just because they did not pay attention to the pennies.

Oh $15 dollars here and $10 dollars there… lost to late charges or overdraft fees. Personally, I would rather that $10 or $15 land in my pocket so I can reinvest it in myself or my business. My view of pennies… I love and honor every one.

So I decided to interview some of my favorite entrepreneurs and asked them to share with you their #1 financial tip that will save you pennies and assist you in growing your business financially. Enjoy!!!

Penny Point with Laura King Gilson and Beth Ann McMerrick

If Pennies were Points, I want them in My Favor !!!

Every Penny counts and Laura King Gilson of Smart Money Experts @, is going to share her #1 Financial tip for entrepreneurs.

Garrett gives his number 1 financial tip to entrepreneurs.

Penny Point with Garrett J White and Beth Ann McMerrick

Shannon Watt Penny Point with Beth Ann

Shannon Watt with The Business of Marriage give us her number 1 financial tip for all entrepreneurs. Find her at

I am here with Angela Johnson with Soul Vision Business and her number 1 financial tip for all entrepreneurs. And Me Beth Ann your Spiritual Accountant. Loving and Honoring EVERY Penny.

Angela Johnson Penny Point with Beth Ann

Penny Point with Lorretta Love Huff

The Penny Point of the Day with Beth Ann McMerrick ¬†and Lorrett Love Huff Lorrett’s #1 Financial Tip for Entrepreneurs

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