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Beth Ann McMerrick, Your Holistic Financial Mentor and Trusted Accountant.

Releasing archaic money blocks and healing your money relationship is the #1 way of having more money in your life.

Let’s talk about how to reach your business growth and financial goals with an emphasis on Activating Your Spiritual Money Mindset.

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If you have been lead to this page, then I know you are ready to find a better solution to your money troubles. You are ready for a Divine Relationship with Your Money, one that supports and nourishes you, your clients, your community, and your family. 

Healing Your Money Relationship is the next level of Spiritual Transformation. 

Often you feel alone and that you should have all the answers when it comes to money. However, the truths of the Divine Energy and Universal of Money has not been taught about, and especially to women.

As a Holistic Financial Mentor and Trusted Accountant, I support entrepreneurs to develop their heart-centered businesses, financially, and profitably.

As a Business Development Coach, my expertise with these topics can support you to meet Your Divine Financial Goals:

  • Activate Your Spiritual Money Mindset and realign with Your Divine Financial Self
  • Release archaic money blocks that show up at home and in your business
  • Create an Enlightened Accounting System and Cash Flow Plan
  • Prepare for and Be confident with taxes¬†
  • Develop accurate pricing to ensure a profit

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I’m honored to be your guide in connecting your spiritual-self with your financial-self.

I look forward to connecting and talking with you soon!

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