Beth Ann McMerrick


Beth Ann McMerrick specializes in combining strong business practices and spirituality to create and build solid financial foundations in business and life.

As the founder and CEO of Divine Money Mastery Inc. and Accounting Cents Inc., Beth Ann uses her 25 years of accounting and business management experience to teach you how to master your cash flow and finances.

Beth Ann’s unique approach to enlightened money management results in her clients walking away with MORE; more wealth, more confidence and more movement toward financial freedom.

As a Holistic Financial Mentor, Beth Ann engages audiences with clear information and warm-hearted personality. She is committed to creating peace on earth by lighting the path to riches.

Using a balance of practical money principals and proven accounting tools, Beth Ann teaches simple systems to assist and empower individuals to:

  •   Sharpen their financial skills and knowledge.
  •   Increase confidence relating to money decisions and conversations.
  •   Remove doubt, guilt, and fear around money and money activities.
  •   Create a simple money management system that is both profitable and clear.

Her passion is to change the face of poverty and to see balance created in our country’s financial system and economy – both for individuals and our communities.

Divine Money Mastery Inc. services include Money Mastery Coaching and Speaking and Money Training for individuals, groups, and entrepreneurs.

Accounting Cents Inc. offers services for entrepreneurs businesses including accounting, auditing, and consulting services. 

I looked everywhere for

The peace I could not find
The security I could not feel
The love I did not trust
I realized the journey is within…
I began seeking refuge by
Searching the buried secrets
Of broken places inside my soul
Redefining Who I Am

Cass ’99

Accounting Services and Money Management

Are you working with your money or
for your money?

Money management is critical in every business. I specialize in assisting entrepreneurs with the set up of their business accounting systems from top to bottom. While doing this, I will teach you the most fundamental financial functions of your business.

Most entrepreneurs get stuck in the “how to” of their accounting systems. Have you wondered which expenses can be written off, how to handle day to day transactions, and what steps to take when managing your money?

Learn how to have robust and simple accounting systems for your business!

Gain the confidence you want in taking on the financial part of your business!

I will design an easy accounting plan and system that is simple and fits your company!


Put $$$ in your pocket!

Create in power, passion, and fun! 

I teach and empower business owners, entrepreneurs,
healers, and artists  how to manage their finances
creating a healthy financial relationship within their businesses while 
creating profit and growth!

I will teach you how to make money work for you, rather than you working for the money.




Our passion is to assist business owners in creating their desire by supporting in accounting and administrative tasks so you can focus on designing and building your dreams, giving you, the business owner, time, freedom, flexibility, and peace of mind.

We have trained accounting and administrative professionals overseeing all areas of a company’s financial and administrative operations so that you will have accurate and timely accounting documentation. We provide the information required to make critical personal and business decisions that will maximize your company’s profitability and growth to reach personal financial goals. 




  •   To provide a full assessment and evaluation of current company accounting practices and procedures, including financial data organization and reporting.
  •   To design an accounting plan and strategy that best fits the company and ensures the most accurate and up-to-date company financial data.
  •   To take advantage of all possible tax deductions available, thereby increasing company cash flow.

Absolutely NO changes will be made to company functions until complete knowledge of all current company structure is established.


Once financial reporting requirements and services are established, Accounting Cents will begin work. Our work includes three main phases:

  • Phase 1: Accumulation, organization, and examination of financial documentation. This includes identifying all income, expenses, liabilities, and assets, as well as identifying any tax issues that get to be resolved.
  • Phase 2: Accumulation and investigation of missing financial information required for complete and accurate financial reporting and tax preparation.
  • Phase 3: Implementation of new company financial data reporting and structure.

Accounting Cents deploys a team of skilled and qualified professionals to meet your company’s financial and management requirements. This allows us to maximize your accounting services and increase your company savings.


The initial set-up or restructuring of a company’s financial reporting does require an increased allotment of time. This time is varied based on the complexity of the company, the current structure of the accounting information and the financial information, and documents being provided.

Once accounting procedures are in place, financial reporting will be timely and straightforward and require much less time on a monthly basis. This, of course, is dependent on the monthly services provided. 



Accounting Cents will complete a full company financial data restructure and set-up using QuickBooks software. We organize and identify all accounting requirements for your company and complete phases 1-3. This is billed on an hourly rate appropriately from account controllers to entry-level associates. Additional expenses such as postage, mileage, printing, and mailing will also be reimbursed to Accounting Cents.

Accounting Cent$  puts $$$ in your pocket!

We create powerful, simple, customized accounting systems for your business,

teaching you how to manage your finances.

We take you step-by-step through setting up the “business” side of your business.

We create accounting systems that support you and your business in the most cost-efficient way.

We make sure that your business is taking advantage of every tax deduction available.

We have a team of skilled, professional accountants, bookkeepers, and office specialists that will support you and your business.

 Accounting, Administrative, and Business Systems

  Professional Services, Coaching, and Training Include:

 Quick Books
Quick Book Setup & Maintenance
Quick Books Training

Financial Management

Office Management

Employee Relations 
Employee Benefits
Employee Tax Reporting


Job Cost

Insurance / Licensing

Financial Reporting
Personal Financials
Balance Sheet
Profit & Loss

Tax Strategy

 Cash Flow Management
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Contract Billing/Retention


Inventory / Assets

Banking Transactions
Bank Reconciliation


Internal Audit / Controls
Accounting Systems
Inventory Systems
Data Collection Systems

 I would love to talk to you about your business and what you are creating for your business and your life.

Beth Ann McMerrick

Accounting Cents Inc

I know that it is essential that your business be financially accountable right from the start. Investing in your financial foundation will save you many hours of stress, worry, time, energy, and money!

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