Flourish in Your Money Relationship with Balance, Grace, and Harmony

Have you reached a point in your life where you’re ready to grow your income easily?

Is it time for you to make your financial health a priority, to start putting your needs higher on your list?

Are you ready to step into your profitable life, and stop devaluing yourself and your ability to receive and earn money?

Imagine: You’re easily receiving money for your services, in a way that nourishes your body and soul.

Imagine: Your skills are lifting others and you are so pleased with the impact you’re having and the generous income you receive.

Imagine: You safely serve and receive generous compensation for the good you create!

Soulful Money Readings and

Energy Healing

with Beth Ann McMerrick and the Divine Money Goddess Oracle Cards

Are you ready to gain more confidence in yourself and in your money, and live an inspired life where money flows easily to you?


Individual Money Reading:


  • You receive personalized action steps, channeled messages, and professional guidance on how to empower your money relationship and reach your financial goals


  • We will clear your financial chakra pathways and release self-sabotaging habits and abundance blocks


  • We will shed new light on your money beliefs and accelerate your money transformation


  • You also receive a channeled Chakra Body Trigger Map. This map gives you a deeper, more direct insight into where energy blocks are in your body and chakra system, as well as what unconscious beliefs trigger that block.


Individual Divine Goddess I AM Money Reading: $295, $195, & $95 options available.Connect your financial-self with your spiritual-self, breakthrough limits, and change the projection of your financial future.


Couples Money Reading:



Couples Get-on-the-Same-Page Money Reading:2.5hr $350.Connect with your partner and learn how to communicate with each other’s money language. Discover how to best support each other to bring about your financial goals.


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Divine Money Goddess Oracle Cards

Written by Beth Ann McMerrick


Bring Balance and Harmony to Your Mind, Body, Spirit, and Wallet!

Do you need a simpler, more intuitive, and self-directed program?

This beautiful set of oracle cards provides a framework for you to work on YOU in the privacy of your home.


Each set has 44, 5×7, full-color cards. Included on each card is a Divine I AM affirmation, the scarcity side of the situation, an earth element healing tool, and specific money actions you can take to empower and strengthen your money life.

Read your cards aloud for an added level of vibrational body and energy healing. An instruction booklet is included.


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Divine Money University

Written and Taught by Beth Ann McMerrick

Reclaim Financial Security for Your Now and Your Future

Online Money Mastery Training Accounting For Your Business

     Easy money management for the Heart-Centered Entrepreneur


  • Create a money management system that is clear and easy to understand and use for your home and business


  • Use proven and professional techniques, strategies, and worksheets for starting, managing, and growing your business’ financial success


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And discover how to increase your financial vibration,

money results, and overall life joy!

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