What my Fat Pants taught me about my Finances.

I would dare say that most women know what the term “Fat Pants” means. For most women, it is the pair of paints that you like, and although they are much, much bigger than wanted, they are so comfy and cozy you can’t quite seem to get ride of them. They are the ones hanging in the closet, waiting for that “just in case” day that your everyday pants don’t fit anymore.

For me, my “Fat Pants” were a pair of very stylish blue jeans that I kept “just in case” I gained all my 100lbs back. As many women do, my weight has gone up and down over my lifetime usually fluctuating between 4 different dress sizes. Always to a weight I didn’t want or care to have, let alone admit to.

Having to purchase new clothes every time my weight changed became expensive and frustrating, especially buying clothes that were bigger than I would like, such as being limited with options, quality and the cost factor. Better quality = A LOT more expensive. Thank goodness my shoe size stayed the same over the years.

In my last “down” swing of weight, knowing that I tend to go up and down, I thought I would hang onto a pair of my older “Fat Pants”, one because they were super cute with a drawing of flowers down the right thigh and little droplets of water painted on the hips and pockets and two because I didn’t want to buy them again. They were my very favorite “Fat Pants!”

The moment I folded those pants up and set them in my storage I knew it was a mistake “What was I trying to create?” I asked myself. I knew, even though the pants were 4 sizes too big at the moment, it was a mistake, however I had to keep them “just in case.”

Over the next two years, life went on and ever so slowly that pesky weight came back on. During those two years I would often think about the pants and wonder if I was going to fit back into them as I saw the weight inch back on.

The day had finally come, I was unpacking my “fat pants.” A day I was not so thrilled had come, as I suspected it would. Reluctantly I pulled the pants out and put them on, it was a perfect fit and I was devastated. Here I was again, “when was this weight madness going to change?”

Every few years, up 4 sizes and then down 4 sizes, and from what I have heard about weight and age, as a person gets older, it is harder for the weight to come off. “This is it! No more was I going to do this Up and Down thing again.”

As I was wearing my “fat pants” I realized just exactly what happened. For the last two years I had been continually thinking about those pants and wondering when I was going to be fitting back into them. Of course, I did no preventive type measures, like exercise or watching my eating. It was life as usually with the constant, nagging thought in the back of my mind… Fat Pants, Fat Pants.

What I finally realized was the power of my thoughts, not just my actions, attributed to the weight gain. I believed that I would gain the weight again, I believed I was going to need the pants again and I believed it was inevitable.

“If my thoughts are so powerful concerning my weight, what is it that I am thinking and believing about my finances?” I wondered.

Recently my professional life has changed. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen or how my finances were going to be affected. Would I loose my home? All types of fears and worries started filling my head.

Then I remembered my “Fat Pants.” My thoughts, not just my actions, affected my results… I Knew my thoughts around my Finances were going to be vitally important. To change my thoughts to expansive, complete abundance and trust rather than thoughts of fear, contraction, stress and worry.

Stepping in to being a creator of my money rather than a victim of it. So I adopted some new Financial Beliefs, wrote them up and let my thoughts be of Abundance and Trust.

  • There is Always Money Available to me and being Deposited In my Bank Account.
  • I Trust the Universe to Support and Provide for me as it Always has.
  • I Listen and Act upon my Own Intuition.
  • I Receive Money Graciously and Honoring.
  • I Care for my Money.
  • I AM Grateful for My Life and My Life Journey.

Remembering the power of my mind and my thoughts have what’s gotten me through some of my most financially worrisome times. Allowing myself to be Powerful, to be Seen and to Trust is what has changed my life and brought so much joy and fulfillment to my life.

Remember the power of your thoughts and don’t let your “Fat Pants” gain control over your Finances.


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