Girls Night Out Money Goddess Group Reading


Girls Night Out Inner Money Goddess Group Reading up to 6 Women

Host a Girls Night Out Money Reading Party for you and your special group of 5 friends.



In this Fun Girls Night Out Money Goddess Readings. You invite your Friends and provide the Goddies and I will provide the Money Transformation.


Girls’ Night Out


Healing Circle Group

Money Energy Healing Group Reading

with Beth Ann McMerrick


Uncover your connection to money and learn how to shift your money beliefs to ones that support you and your Divine Passions. In the comfort of your home and with your cherished group of friends, you all can experience a new money transformation together.


How has money troubled you and your desired life results?


Are you ready to change your money results?


Then this is perfect for you and your next group gathering


Host a Girls’ Night Out or Healing Circle Group for a Money Energy Healing Group Reading for all your friends. We will spend four hours together with up to 6 individuals; each will receive a reading in a collective energy setting. This powerful experience will support each individual to discover where his or her physical abundance blocks are and learn how to clear them. You will receive download-able intuitive messages, income-generating information, and possible new business ideas.  

$750.00 for the four-hour gathering — 6 at $125.00 each.

Contact Beth Ann McMerrick to schedule your Group Money Reading

Call or Text Beth Ann at 801-514-0603