S$P003 Increase Your Financial Vibration

Today we will be discussing how you can increase your financial vibration. As you increase your financial vibration, you increase your income as well as the resources and opportunities available to you. The way the law of attraction is about … Continue reading

S$P002 Find the SOUL in Your Money

This episode revolves around finding SOUL in Your Money. This whole concept in finding the spiritual side of your money comes from the idea that money is the root of all evil. Money is also a sacred, beautiful energy that … Continue reading

S$P001 Discover the Spiritual Side of Your Money

This is the first official episode of this podcast, a podcast revolved around creating balance in your life; mind, body, spirit, and wallet. Discovering the spiritual side of your money and yourself is the purpose of this podcast. This topic … Continue reading

What my Fat Pants taught me about my Finances.

I would dare say that most women know what the term “Fat Pants” means. For most women, it is the pair of paints that you like, and although they are much, much bigger than wanted, they are so comfy and … Continue reading

Have you been thinking about Money?

Here we are with another Holiday Season upon us. The hustle and bustle of the season is all around. For some, it is a season full of joy and anticipation, for others it can be a time of great overwhelming … Continue reading