How to Love your Money Like you Love your Best Friend – Part Two

Money Empowerment Step One is Forgiveness, how has it been going for you? Have you been compassionate with yourself?

The second step is Communication with your Money. Talking is such an amazing gift that we have to express ourselves and enjoy using when gathering with friends and family. We are praised and adorned when we say our first word. That experience of saying our first word is very often noted as an epic event in our lifetime. As we grow older, “They” try and shut us up or enforce “Their” words on us. Shushing us with pacifiers, popsicles and limitations.

Communication has become part of our rituals in society and some have been deemed “Right and Wrong” communications and forms of expression. Expression is how we filter the emotions and toxic energies away from our body so that it doesn’t get trapped inside creating disease and discouragement.

So many of us have been stifled from expressing our truest self and have been told that what we have to say isn’t important. Some of us heard that so much that we have stopped talking all together, other than the yes sir/mam and no sir/mam routine.

What you have to say is important!

What you want is important!

You are important!

Two kids talking on a tin phone

Part Two – Communication

– Talk with your Money. What do you Want from your Money? Set and Keep your Money Date.


Talking to your Money and Setting your Money Date. “Hi Money thank you so much for coming into my Space. Thank you for being here to pay these bills.” Talk in Gratitude to your Money for how it is supporting you now. Grateful for the money results you have now. Remind the money in your life that it is important to you by investing your time by setting and keeping your “Money Date” where you balance your checkbook, survey your cash flow, send out your invoices and collect debts owned to you.

Speaking about what you want. What do you want your money to do for you when it gets into your pocket? What lifestyle do you want to live? You have the right to speak for what you want in life, to speak about how the money in your life is to be used and you have a right to have the life you want. You can create a Divine Financial lifestyle rather than a corrupt and struggling one by listening to your Inner Divine Desires and claim them by writing those desires out.

Speaking about what is true for you, even when it goes against what everyone else says is true. Declare to the world who you are by stepping into the True Authentic You and What You Want to contribute and create. Speak your truth and let yourself shine as Who You ARE and BE that. This will also inspire others around you to BE who they are and speak their truth and you get to listen. Listening is the in breath, Speaking is the out breath.

Instead of saying “I don’t know what to do about…,” ask a question “What do I do for…?” You fill in the … Our minds were created for us to answer life’s most amazing questions. It’s function, to search out the answer to our questions, ALWAYS. Asking ourselves “What… ” will stimulate possibilities and options and soon enough you will hear the answer that is true for you. That answer which resonates true for you, within your heart and your purpose. You have your own answers, simply ask the question.

Journaling about your experiences and adventures is another form of communication and very effective. Journaling often times gives you the opportunity to go deeper with your truer feelings and give deeper answers to your worries and concerns. Writing out your feelings and emotions regarding situations where it just isn’t healthy to beat the crap out of another person. Here is where you can express all those hurtful and damaging things that have penetrated your soul and damaged the core of who you are and made you doubt yourself.


Our best friends are those we can safely tell all our secrets to, we share our dreams with and we talk about all the possibilities and troubles of life with. Your Money knows all your secrets too and still Write out your money dreams and your money dreams will come true if you Speak Up for you.

Money Action

Money Action 1

List what you want and how much $ it will take to do that. Dream your Dream, what you want your day-to-day life to be and be specific. Write out what it would take for you to get that and how much is would cost. Once it is written, then listen and watch for the opportunities and ideas to come streaming in to start aligning you and your life to your dream.

“As it is Written, So it Shall be Done!”

Money Action 2

Allow yourself to write out one of your deepest pains. Express all your emotions, hurts, disappointments, and anger, swear, scream, and scribble feverously on the page. When you are done writing, take the pages out and safely burn them, releasing you from the hurt and damage and let the healing light of the fire fill your inner core to a renewed BEing. Breath!

Money Blessings to you my Friend.

Money Empowerment Step Two – Communication

See you in the next issue for Part Three of “How to Love your Money like you Love your Best Friend.”

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