How to Love your Money Like you Love your Best Friend – Part One

Our Money Love relationship is one that, for a lot of people, has been a relationship that has been totally non-existent.two happy little girls in the park

“Love your Money?” is a question I get all the time. “YES” I say. “Love your Money and your Money will Love you MORE!”

On our journey of self-discovery and healing we have worked on healing our bodies and mind. We have worked on healing our connection to our Spiritual self and healing our personal relationships with partners or our children. However the One Relationship we have put on the back burner is our Relationship with Money.

We have ignored our money, we have been ashamed of it and stuffed it in the corner as if it didn’t exist.

The Truth is that money is here to support us and it supports us every moment of every day. It is has been our beliefs about Money, rather we like it or now, that has been the Biggest determinant to how much money is in our reality.

Looking out into the world you can see how money has supported us. Money was there to build our homes, our schools, our streets, our grocery stores and churches. Money has been there to furnish and decorate all of those places as well, it showed up to cloth and feed us and our loved ones.

Although what we have done is to continually tell our money it is “not enough”. We say money isn’t important, we tell our money we don’t care about it and toss it aside.

Treating our Money as a Relationship Energy and Healing that relationship is the key to creating More Money in your life, so you can do the fun and amazing things this world has to offer.

The Best thing about having a Best friend is that we can trust the friendship to be unconditional, supportive and fun. So how do we do that with our Money? How do we Heal our Relationship with our money?

“Our Best Friends are those with whom we can be Our Best Selves.”

By applying each concept to your money and doing the money actions provided at the end of the article, you will change your relationship with money and will see More and More Money coming into your life.

Part One – Forgiveness and Compassion 

 Forgive your past money mistakes and

Be compassionate with yourself.

We have basically inherited our money beliefs and money actions from our parental figures and the adults around us as we grew up. Most of us were not taught how to manage our money we didn’t even talk about money. Or the money talk was that of yelling, shaming, insulting and demeaning.

As a result we have made money mistakes, we sometimes didn’t make the best decisions with how we spent our money or how we have invested our money.

Worst of all is that to live in a scarcity and a lack and limited mindset has become the norm. We have to live as cheap as possible and money has become more important then our own well being and quality of life.

Forgiveness is a very important element in every relationship of life. By hanging on to the toxic energy that is created when we experience results that we dislike only deflects abundance, new opportunities and new relationships.

Forgiving the money beliefs that have been imprinted on us, forgiving the money actions of ourselves and of others is so important to life the Financially Joyful life we are longing for. Let go of the judgments we have for ourselves and about money.

Replace the judgment with compassion. Being compassionate with yourself for you past money mistakes will create the start of a new beautiful relationship with your money.

Realize that you have done the best you could with the information you had at the time. Realize that we were not born with all the knowledge and information about money, however we are responsible for discovering the knowledge required to get the Results we truly want.

Money Action

Who do you get to forgive? What money mistakes and judgments do you get to let go of? How can you be compassionate with yourself?

Write out the answers to these questions and forgive them. Let go of the toxic energy that holds you limited and unworthy. Know that you are meant to financially flourish in life and that You Can have it ALL.

Money Empowerment Step One – Forgiveness

See you next time for Part Two of “How to Love your Money like you Love your Best Friend.”

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