Have you been thinking about Money?

Here we are with another Holiday Season upon us. The hustle and bustle of the season is all around. For some, it is a season full of joy and anticipation, for others it can be a time of great overwhelming stress.

Our thoughts surrounding money is what determines our feelings and our financial results. If we think fearful thoughts, generally we feel stress and overwhelm, thereby pushing money away.

If we are able to breath and remain calm and trust in the moment and in our ability to create exactly what we need, we will draw money toward us.

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In a recent interview on Inspired Conversations FM100.3 with Angel Shannon, I shared my TOP 5 Money Tips to make the Holiday season and your Money Relationship a bit jollier for you.

Here are my TOP 5 Money Tips:

  1. Have a Clear Vision of what you want, know the financial amount and write it all down. By writing your vision down, it happens. What is it that you want? Know the details of the item as well as the cost. The Universe will bring these items to you at your current financial level.
  1. Pay attention to your Money. Have a “Money Date” and take care of the paperwork surrounding your money. Paying bills, reconciling with the bank, and collecting moneys due you. Enjoy time with your money activities.
  1. Breath! Money is meant to flow just like breathing. Breathing will keep you centered and grounded in all that you do. It also brings the energetic support you deserve to support your body. Breath in through your nose, out through your mouth.
  1. Allow Yourself to Receive. Sometimes we tend to overdo giving without openingourselves to receive. You have a Divine Right to Receive. Allow for it in your everyday life. Receive the complement. Receive the assistance. Receive the money.
  1. Celebrate Everything. Celebrate all your little and big achievements. Celebration brings forth the highest creative energy, which is love. You can use this Love Energy to bring more abundance and ideas for more creation. Yah Whoo !!!

Your Money is here to support you, which is what it is meant to do, if you allow for it. It is just a matter of having a beautiful, grateful and trusting relationship with your Money. These money tips will help you with just that.

I would love to invite you to listen to this fun and money transforming interview on Angel Shannon’s Inspired Conversations show played on FM100.3 .   Listen to Interview

The show you’re looking for is titled “The Holidays are the perfect time to meet Beth Ann McMerrick, Your Holistic Financial Mentor and Cash Flow Specialist.”

A special Thank You to Angel, You are an Angel! I enjoyed every moment and had so much fun. Kisses to you Angel.

Happy Holidays to You my dear Reader. I wish for all of Your Money Wishes to come true. Remember you are a Divine Being of Light, here to Create.

As you Will It, you Create It.

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