Divine Money Vision for 2017

depositphotos_74651007_original1Hello 2017!

“What do I want you to look like?” This is the very question we ask ourselves this time of year.

A lot of energy goes into thinking about how we want to make things better for the New Year. For some of us, we are so relieved that 2016 is finally over, because we want to be done with THAT year.

So we start reviewing the past year and add up all our mistakes, as well as what we want to change. These are the things we are going to put into our New Year Intentions.

Oh, what a task!

Just the heaviness of this is daunting.

First, instead try to focus on what are you were grateful for in 2016. Where have you seen yourself improve? How have has money supported you this year?

Looking at what you already have and you are currently grateful for, is a much more powerful energy to create your new vision in.

Next, pick a theme word for yourself.

Choose one or two words that represent your deepest desire for your personal growth. This year I chose two: one for my business and one for my personal self.

For my business, Divine Money Mastery, I chose “FEARLESS.” It represents my commitment to stretch fearlessly beyond my comfort zone and being more visible and vulnerable.

For myself, I chose “EMOTIONAL TRUST.” I’ll let you image what this phrase might represent.

So, choose one or two theme words for you, however inspired, and let that energy guide you throughout the year. Remember, no matter what, you will pick the perfect word for yourself.

Then, set your Divine Financial Goal.

How much money do you want to make in 2017?

How much money do you want to make each month?

Set the amount and let go of how the money is going to come in. Your job at this moment is to write it down and make sure you set this number above what you need to cover your personal and business expenses, as well as any “extras” you want this year.

In the next Money Goddess Newsletter I will give you some tips on what “extras” you might want to add to your Divine Financial Vision. To make sure you’re getting these emails of mine that also include Business Strategy Tips sign up HERE.

Will you allow money to support you more this year? Will you make your Money Relationship a priority for 2017? Your money wants to show up for you; it just needs to know how much you will want it and care for it.


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