Why Divine Money University?

Welcome to Divine Money University (DMU)! This is a Money Mastery program written and created for you, the entrepreneur, and aspiring entrepreneurs like you, who want more time for life and a money relationship that provides financial independence and peace of mind.

The goal of DMU is to provide you with the essential skills and tools necessary to master your money and find more joy in the day-to-day. Most importantly, we weave together the two most important elements in mastering your money: Money Tools/Mechanics and Money Mindset/Beliefs.

In my career as an accountant for over 24 years, I have learned the one element that really makes or breaks a business and that is cash flow. Money is always moving and the goal is to have more money coming in then going out.

My specialty in business has been cleaning up and putting business financial systems back together and creating a accounting and money management system for my client. The system would include a strategic way of collecting information and presenting it that provides accurate, valuable, and useful information for the business owner.

While auditing and reconstructing these systems, I found so many simple bookkeeping and accounting errors, and simply not understanding the profitable steps to money management. These easy-to-fix problems resulted in companies losing hundreds of thousands of dollars, as well as countless businesses failing, and the perpetual poverty mindset of their owners.

Divine Money University, coupled with your committed action, is a proven program and process of manifestation and personal financial success. It provides the personal satisfaction of living life on your own terms, and it affords you the opportunity to create a thriving, healthy, and sustainable business.

Money gives us the opportunity to empower others and ourselves. The more we each work in our passions, the more this planet will heal overall. This is a global issue, not just an individual issue.

DMU provides basic, vital accounting information and money tools to set up a simple document management system. This is a practical and spiritual strategy for tracking, forecasting, and manifesting a financially successful business.

Create wholeness in your heart and soul while making money and bring more divine light into the world through your business passion and service.

The Benefits of Divine Money University:

    • Create a powerful money management system that is clear, simple and easy to use
    • Feel more confident in your ability to create and manage more money, and give yourself more certainty in your business
    • See the possibility of making more money and know the steps to manifest that divine abundance
    • Create a financial plan of success with clarity and heart, while trusting your decisions and seeing the positive financial results
    • Learn a self-managing accounting system with built-out procedures and reporting strategies
    • Learn new manifesting tools that clarify your visions and provide techniques to increase your profits and income
    • Utilize and receive over 21 forms, worksheets, and checklists that can be used year after year, and personalized to your business to make your accounting clear and powerful
    • Discover your spiritual path in your finances, connect to your inner money maker, and align with the divinity of your money
    • Put yourself in charge of your cash flow rather than your cash flow controlling you, and enjoy receiving money
    • Stop leaking money, losing out on opportunities and strategize to build a savings while still paying your bills
    • Learn the basics of business formation and critical accounting decisions to be made for your business
    • Create a successful business with your hours, your rules, and your choices. Create more freedom in your life
    • Teach your children how to manage their money and build a business of their dreams

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